Category: 2009


StrataSpore is a platform for collective knowledge about mushrooms. Initiated by Kate Cahill, Christopher Kennedy, Athena Kokoronis, Caroline Woolard, and mycologist Gary Lincoff, Strataspore uses mushrooms as material and metaphor for latent potential and unseen infrastructure. Right now, mushrooms are eating oil spills, connecting old members of Fluxus, feeding communities, and growing as alternative packaging […]

Urban Epiphyte

A small native plant set inside a discarded hardware pouch; an epiphyte for human architecture. Collaborators wore an epiphyte on their bodies while navigating NYC as both biological indicator and platform for urban play.


Art Work is a newspaper and accompanying website that consists of writings and images from artists, activists, writers, critics, and others on the topic of working within depressed economies and how that impacts artistic process, compensation and artistic property.


Skewl is an interactive installation and performance built by the ETC. Collective for the North Carolina Museum of Art. Participants were invited to join us for classes, play at recess, ride the skewl bus, co-create the yearbook and contribute to the environment of learning.