Rooderal Lab

A movement-research collaboration with Eva Perrotta and Corinne Cappelletti, and DE-CONSTRUKT [projeckts]. As the first in a three part laboratory dedicated to understanding the life, function and characteristics of the wild plants in Red Hook Brooklyn, we explored the detoxification capacities of dandelion. Each lab is framed by pairing ruderal plants with a particular body function to experiment, play, and re-connect with ecological systems in the urban environment. The lab led participants through a series of experiences through which movement and embodied response offered new kinetic understandings of the neighborhood, the body and plants we often consider “weeds”.











Above Middle Below

Above Middle and Below is a three-part laboratory dedicated to formulating ideas for an Open Movement score through collaboration facilitated by Leila Mougoui Bakhitiari (urban ecologist), Christopher Kennedy (teaching artist), Athena Kokoronis (choreographer), and Jan Mun (artist-scientist). Part One is dedicated to presenting and mapping Fort Greene Park’s social and ecological relationships. Part Two focuses on formulating and performing in an Open Movement score. Part Three is dedicated to conversation and archiving our collaboration together. Co-led by Athena Kokoronis, Chris Kennedy, Leila Mougoui Bakhtiari, and Jan Mun on May 17 in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn.













Then & Now: Sharing LGBTQ stories across generations

Then & Now is a documentary storytelling project inviting LGBTQ-identifying elders and teens to share stories and oral histories. A collaboration with Elsewhere and the Creative Aging Network of North Carolina.

What was it like living in the south and identifying as LGBTQ? What is that experience like now? The project is inviting youth and elders to interview each other about their experience of living in the south and identifying as LGBTQ. We’re hoping to foster relationships across generations and create an oral history archive and resource for North Carolina and the Triad community. The interviews will be used to create a short documentary that will be screened in Greensboro and submitted to the Greensboro Public Library and local universities as a public and ongoing archive of LGBTQ experience in the south.

Then & Now Trailer

Edited by Lia Miller

Anti-Discrimination Week proclamation, Durham, NC (1986)
Anti-Discrimination Week proclamation, Durham, NC (1986)
Statement of Lesbian and Gay Pride, Durham, NC (1986)
Statement of Lesbian and Gay Pride, Durham, NC (1986)

Below are some sample video interviews from a short film called Intersections created by visiting artist Emilio Rojas during his residency at Elsewhere in 2012:


IMG_3046 IMG_3217


Read-Ins encourage reading in public spaces to activate possibilities for shared wisdom. The first Read-In was organized on August 8, 2012 in partnership with the International Civil Rights Museum and Elsewhere to accompany the Greensboro Historical Museum’s Fighting the Fires of Hate: America and the Nazi Book Burnings, a traveling exhibition from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Read-In commemorated the authors of burned books, raise questions of oppression, and celebrated freedom of expression through a day-long public reading that traveled across downtown Greensboro.
S_harthoorn-Elsewhere-20128782readin3 readin



readin2 readin4

The Listening Story of No Words

A movement-research collaboration with students at Dudley High School and artist Athena Kokoronis to create a site-specific dance for downtown Greensboro.

The Listening Story of No Words explores a dance process that draws inspiration from the tradition of quilt making, line drawing, personal experience and expression through movement and improv. The project was developed during a 3-week residency at Dudley High School and Elsewhere museum.

Collaborators: Angela Robinson, Athena Kokoronis, Kelley Ann Walsh, Christopher Kennedy, Anna Luisa Daigneault, Kirsten Bauer, Nakaia Branch, Amber Carter, X’Zavia Crowell, Naima Durrett, Essence McKellar, Miracle McPherson, Zoey Plum, Nasaura Richard, Ashleigh Robinson, Jackie Stackhouse, Jala Tillman, Hawa Trawally, Donjeta Vila, Toine Woodard

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dance map
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QueerLab is a youth-led media program exploring LGBTQ experience in North Carolina. Each QueerLab session brings together an editorial team of queer identifying youth to publish I Don’t Do Boxes, and organize workshops focused on creative media production and digital storytelling.2013-CoLab-15 2013-CoLab-12 2013-CoLab-26 2013-CoLab-38 2013-CoLab-75 2013-CoLab-60 2013-CoLab-29 2013-CoLab-24

Everyday Obsolescence

Everyday Obsolescence is a video work created during SoundLab, a youth-led media project exploring the role of technology and the everyday. The project challenged a group of high school students in Greensboro, NC to create sculptures from discarded media equipment and video self-portraits to compose an experimental score of music and sounds. The project was a collaboration with artist group INVISIBLE, (Mark Dixon and Bart Trotman) and students from Weaver Academy and Guilford College.










Colab audio mapping