Ekos: The Path to Resilience is a multi-player game that challenges a group of 6 community members – a City Council Speaker, City Planner, Community Organizer, Ecologist, Designer, and Modeler — to come together and envision a more equitable and sustainable Ekos in the face of climate change and other challenges. Build a network of resilient systems, use resources wisely, and collaborate with the other community members to improve the adaptive capacity of your systems against extreme events.

Ekos: The Path to Resiliencewas developed by the Urban Systems Lab, an interdisciplinary research, design and practice space founded by Timon McPhearson that provides insight into developing more equitable, resilient, and sustainable cities. Game concept developed by Ryann Abunuwara, Claudia Tomateo and Chris Kennedy. Graphic design by Claudia Tomateo. Content for the game informed by the Urban Resilience to Extreme-related Weather Events Sustainability Research Network (URExSRN) and the Converging Social, Ecological, and Technological Infrastructure Systems (SETS) for Urban Resilience project with support provided by the National Science Foundation (Grants No. 1934933 and 1444755).



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