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  • ClimateIQ


    ClimateIQ is a dynamic modeling environment leveraging machine learning and high resolution physical climate models to reveal hotspots of climate hazard exposure.  An interactive digital dashboard allows communities to identify areas facing threats from multiple climate-related hazards. ClimateIQ is built especially for users lacking extensive data resources or modeling capacity and empowers communities to make…

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  • Climate Ready Uptown Plan

    Climate Ready Uptown Plan

    The Climate Ready Uptown Plan (CRUP) is a physical pamphlet that helps Northern Manhattan community members understand their individual risk to climate related disasters – specifically extreme heat, coastal and stormwater (pulluvial) flooding – and provides pertinent information to help prepare themselves and their families. Designed by WE ACT for Environmental Justice in partnership with…

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  • Ekos


    Ekos: The Path to Resilience is a multi-player game that challenges a group of 6 community members – a City Council Speaker, City Planner, Community Organizer, Ecologist, Designer, and Modeler — to come together and envision a more equitable and sustainable Ekos in the face of climate change and other challenges. Build a network of…

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  • Is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?

    Is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?

    β€œIs Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?” is a research project housed at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and co-led by the Urban Systems Lab to understand how green infrastructure (GI) urban planning in US cities consider issues of equity and environmental and social justice. This web resource presents findings from an examination of 122 GI…

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  • Ocellus


    Location: New York, NY Collaborator: Urban Systems Lab, The New School Ocellus is an interactive web application that visualizes Social, Ecological, and Technological Systems (SETS) data designed and implemented initially for nine different cities within the Urban Resilience to Weather-related Extremes (UREx) Sustainability Research Network. It was conceived as a tool to produce knowledge, bridging…

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