Emergent Plantocene

Suit Up: Join the Emergent Plantocene Clean-Up

A project and installation for the exhibition The Department of Human and Natural Services, curated by Mariel Villeré at NURTUREart.

EPA Embodied Scientist Training is a call to participate in a multispecies coalition of embodied scientists, activists, and spontaneous plants who are re-imagining federal policy and agency in the face of imminent climate crises and mass extinction. In response to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s unprecedented rollback of 75+ federal environmental rules and regulations the EPA Embodied Scientist Training is a call to intimate action! Suit up and embark on a DIY fieldwork training in the heart of Bushwick. The installation features a training video, suggested fieldwork scores, and the needed gear and equipment to hit the streets as an EPA agent and gather first hand experience collecting environmental data and performing an emergent Plantocene clean-up. Data, findings and speculative thinking resulting from the public’s participation will be recorded on the suits themselves over the course of the exhibition.