Christopher is a designer and researcher who works with organizations, companies and universities to co-create projects, learning experiences, and new knowledge to advance urban climate resilience, sustainability and creative action. Learn more

Recent Work

Urban Systems Lab

As Associate Director at the Urban Systems Lab, I co-direct research initiatives on urban climate resilience using data visualization, GIS, and applied research.

Sustainable Systems at Parsons

As a PT Faculty at the Parsons School of Design I teach a First Year Studio course, Sustainable Systems.

EPA / Multispecies Care Survey

A public engagement and data gathering initiative exploring new forms of environmental agency that de-center human supremacy and facilitate the co-generation of embodied, localized plant-human care practices.

Chance Ecologies

A framework for artistic gestures and research projects exploring the un-designed landscapes and wilderness found in abandoned spaces, post-industrial sites, and landfills.

Environmental Health Clinic and Lab at NYU

As a Research Assistant at NYU, I contributed to the development of The Environmental Health Clinic, a cross-disciplinary lab that develops and prescribes systems that improve human and environmental health.

Embodied Scientist Parkour

Embodied Scientist Parkour is a training for interspecies communication and deepened relationships with the in-between landscapes of the Schuylkill River. Developed during a Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, Environmental Humanities program


Elsewhere is a living museum set inside a former thrifstore. I worked as a curator at the museum from 2010-2014 helping to establish several public and youth programs.

Fruiting Bodies

An experiment in fungal sociality, exploring the possibilities of mushroom cloning, remediation and social exchange through collaborative experience and community science. Developed for Genspace in Brooklyn, NY.

Consulting & Learning Experience Design

The Green Design Lab

As the Educator Director for Solar One, I developed the Green Design Lab, a public education program and curriculum that promotes experiential learning through science, technology and design.

Brooklyn Environmental Health Lab

Working with the Human Impacts Institute, I co-direct the Brooklyn Environmental Health Lab a forum for understanding the impact of environmental contaminants on community health and resiliency.

STEM and Makerspace Cultures

As Project Director for STEM Learning at Teachers College, I developed public programs and curricula exploring new strategies for integrating maker cultures and technology into K-12 and University curricula.

High Water Line Action Guide

A framework for artistic gestures and research projects exploring the un-designed landscapes and wilderness found in abandoned spaces, post-industrial sites, and landfills.

School of the Future, 2007

ArtPlace, South Elm Projects

In 2013, I helped to develop a proposal for South Elm Projects, a series of site specific activations with artists and neighborhood partners reimagining overlooked alleys and green spaces to enhance downtown walkability, community investment, and grassroots creativity. Funded by ArtPlace America and NEA.

Greenhorns Guide for Young Farmers

The Greenhorns are an organization that aims to promote, recruit and support the next generation of farmers through grassroots media production. I collaborated with them on developing the Greenhorns Guide for Young Farmers with support from the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Everyday Obsolescence

A video work ad collaborative digital storytelling project created during SoundLab, a youth-led media initiative exploring the role of technology and the everyday.

Consulting Services

  • Project Consultation
  • Curriculum Design and Editing
  • Public Program and Engagement
  • Web and Graphic Design

If you or your organization is looking for assistance, please get in touch to learn more about how I can be of help

Design Projects

Ruderal Ecologies of LIC

A movement-based storytelling project that explores neighborhoods in transition through plant-body encounters.

Solar Energy Commons

A collaborative project with designer Elliott P. Montgomery to connect a 4.8 kW rooftop solar array on the roof of Elsewhere museum with the streets of downtown Greensboro.

Museum Futures

A publication and web platform that collects essays, artworks and stories exploring the overlooked and varied spaces of the contemporary museum.

Nomadic Field Station

Re-imagining the idea of a reference desk and of what we classically consider the function of a library, the Nomadic Field Station and Library prototype can be deployed in dense urban areas to catalyze conversation and archive local knowledge.