Christopher is a designer and researcher specializing in the development of research-driven products, tools, and science communication initiatives. He collaborates with organizations, companies, and universities to enhance understanding and action in urban climate adaptation, multispecies thinking, and innovative environmental stewardship.

  • ClimateIQ


    ClimateIQ is a dynamic modeling environment leveraging machine learning and high resolution physical climate models to reveal hotspots of climate hazard exposure.  An interactive digital dashboard allows communities to identify…

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  • Healthy Soils, Healthy Trees

    Healthy Soils, Healthy Trees

    Healthy Soils, Healthy Trees is a community science and art initiative exploring the connections between soil health, urban forests and mycology in Central Texas. Organized by Central Texas Mycological Society…

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  • Environmental Performance Agency

    Environmental Performance Agency

    The Environmental Performance Agency (EPA) is an artist collective founded in 2017 and named in response to the ongoing rollback of Federal environmental policy at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Appropriating…

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  • Climate Ready Uptown Plan

    Climate Ready Uptown Plan

    The Climate Ready Uptown Plan (CRUP) is a physical pamphlet that helps Northern Manhattan community members understand their individual risk to climate related disasters – specifically extreme heat, coastal and…

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  • Ekos


    Ekos: The Path to Resilience is a multi-player game that challenges a group of 6 community members – a City Council Speaker, City Planner, Community Organizer, Ecologist, Designer, and Modeler…

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  • Is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?

    Is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?

    “Is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?” is a research project housed at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and co-led by the Urban Systems Lab to understand how green infrastructure (GI)…

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  • Multispecies Care Survey

    Multispecies Care Survey

    The Multispecies Care Survey is an Environmental Performance Agency public engagement and data gathering initiative meant to provoke and articulate forms of environmental agency that de-center human supremacy and facilitate…

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  • Ocellus


    Location: New York, NY Collaborator: Urban Systems Lab, The New School Ocellus is an interactive web application that visualizes Social, Ecological, and Technological Systems (SETS) data designed and implemented initially…

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  • Chance Ecologies

    Chance Ecologies

    Location: Queens, NY Collaborator: Amplifier Inc., Catherine Grau, Stephen Zacks, and Nathan Kensinger Chance Ecologies is a framework for artistic gestures and research projects exploring the un-designed landscapes and wilderness…

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  • Environmental Health Clinic

    Environmental Health Clinic

    As a Research Assistant at NYU, I contributed to the development of The Environmental Health Clinic, a cross-disciplinary lab that develops and prescribes systems that improve human and environmental health.…

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  • Solar Energy Commons

    Solar Energy Commons

    A collaborative project with designer Elliott P. Montgomery to connect a 4.8 kW rooftop solar array on the roof of Elsewhere museum with the streets of downtown Greensboro. The final…

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  • Strataspore


    StrataSpore is a platform for collective knowledge about mushrooms. Initiated by Kate Cahill, Christopher Kennedy, Athena Kokoronis, Caroline Woolard, and mycologist Gary Lincoff, Strataspore uses mushrooms as material and metaphor…

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