highwaterline action guide

ecoartspace action guides are a platform for artists addressing environmental issues. Each guide supports both learning institutions and community organizations that are interested in educating youth and adults about the principles of ecology through aesthetic experiences in the natural and built environment. Over the past several years I’ve helped developed activities and projects for 2 of these wonderful resources including Eve Mosher’s Highwaterline Guide and Tafftoo Tan’s S.O.S. Action Guide. To download each guide visit: http://ecoartspaceactionguides.blogspot.com/

Ecoartspace was founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by Patricia Watts, who partnered with Amy Lipton in New York City in 1999. They created one of the first websites that offered information on artists who, through their artworks, teach about our interdependence with the natural world. In 2000, Watts and Lipton developed an art and nature program, bringing artists into classrooms in Malibu, California, and New York City. This project was the initial inspiration to develop arts activities for both in school and in after-school programs.

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