Category: Research and Education

  • The Collaboratory

    The Collaboratory

    Location: Greensboro, NC Collaborator: Elsewhere Museum The Collaboratory at Elsewhere is a gathering space for public and educational programs exploring a range of art, design, cultural and historical disciplines. Situated inside Elsewhere’s living museum in downtown Greensboro, NC. In 2010, I began to develop programming and funding to support the expansion of the platform, reimagined…

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  • Ecotopian Fellowship

    Ecotopian Fellowship

    Location: Philadelphia, PA Collaborator: Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, EPA Tool-making is a signature trait of the human species. What tools can we make, and might we require, in the age of the human, the anthropocene: a name for the present geological epoch when humans are the most potent force shaping earth’s systems? Global warming…

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  • Read-Ins


    Location: Greensboro, NC Collaborator: International Civil Rights Museum, the Greensboro Historical Museum Read-Ins encourage reading in public spaces to activate possibilities for shared wisdom. The first Read-In was organized on August 8, 2012 in partnership with the International Civil Rights Museum and Elsewhere to accompany the Greensboro Historical Museum’s Fighting the Fires of Hate: America…

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  • Mycological Provisions

    Mycological Provisions

    An interview project archiving the stories of four contemporary artists while hunting for mushrooms in the summer of 2013. Participating artists include Rob Peterson, Cassie Thornton, Caroline Woolard and Kate Clark. (Research blog: (Video Credits: Music by Quilla, Sound design by Marty O’Connor and Quilla) Sound Recordings: Rob Peterson: [audio:] Cassie Thornton: [audio:] Caroline…

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  • The Listening Story of No Words

    The Listening Story of No Words

    A movement-research collaboration with students at Dudley High School and artist Athena Kokoronis to create a site-specific dance for downtown Greensboro. The Listening Story of No Words explores a dance process that draws inspiration from the tradition of quilt making, line drawing, personal experience and expression through movement and improv. The project was developed during…

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  • highwaterline action guide

    highwaterline action guide

    ecoartspace action guides are a platform for artists addressing environmental issues. Each guide supports both learning institutions and community organizations that are interested in educating youth and adults about the principles of ecology through aesthetic experiences in the natural and built environment. Over the past several years I’ve helped developed activities and projects for 2…

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  • Museum Futures

    Museum Futures

    Museum Futures Vol. 1 What is the connection between one woman’s 58-year collection, a nomadic assemblage of queer ephemera, a high-tech teen hangout, and the treasured remains of a fishing town? Beginning in a lake Michigan lagoon and sustained through a trans-continental Skype conversation, Museum Futures is an interview project developed by three people with…

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  • I Don’t Do Boxes

    I Don’t Do Boxes

    Location: Greensboro, NC Collaborator: Guilford Green Foundation, Elsewhere Museum I Don’t Do Boxes is a magazine exploring LGBTQ experience, published at Elsewhere and edited by a team of queer-identifying youth. The first issue, Schools Out! collects over 30 artworks, stories, poems, comics and essays exploring queer southern experience and beyond. I Don’t Do Boxes: Out…

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  • Greenhorns Field Journal

    Greenhorns Field Journal

      There’s currently a movement underfoot! A recent groundswell of young farmers are fostering an agricultural movement with farmers who have worked the land for generations. With this underway, our government is recognizing the need for more young farmers and implementing programs to encourage them, while organizations are offering support networks, training opportunities, and resources…

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  • MycoMap


    A collaboration with Janette Kim at the Urban Landscape Lab at Columbia to map fungal communities in New York City using a tool called Project Noah which nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife using a common technology platform. Right now, mushrooms are eating oil spills, providing insulation for buildings, and decomposing…

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