A collaboration with Janette Kim at the Urban Landscape Lab at Columbia to map fungal communities in New York City using a tool called Project Noah which nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife using a common technology platform.



Right now, mushrooms are eating oil spills, providing insulation for buildings, and decomposing organic matter that creates the soil we use and the food we eat. You’ve probably had some mushrooms on your plate, but did you know that mushrooms are used for oil-spill clean-up research, bio-degradable packaging, and immunity defense?

This guide is an introduction to hunting for wild mushrooms. Come along with us and explore the latent potential of the fungi kingdom in New York City! HUNT for mushrooms in the city with the help of this guide. DOWNLOAD more information on fungi and use a real-time mushroom map. CONTRIBUTE your findings through a smartphone or computer at

Sunnyside and Woodside neighborhood residents joined mycologist Gary Lincoff for a mushroom hunt in New Cavalry Cemetary in Queens on Sunday Jun 13th from 1-3pm. Thet say that cemeteries can be the best places to find peace, solitude… and mushrooms. We found out why and learned how to identify and forage for mushrooms in New York City with a group of experts, dabblers and mushroom enthusiasts! We met at the 52nd st station off the 7 train; the tour began at 1pm and was free and open to the public.

This event and publication was created for the Queens Arts Express, an annual spring arts festival is packed with arts exhibitions, festive events, and live performances in public spaces throughout neighborhoods clustered along the 7 train route. The MycoMap project is a collaboration between: Strataspore, the Urban Landscape Lab, Sarah Williams of the Spatial Information Design Lab, Anne Yen Illustrator, Erica Schapiro-Sakashita, and Networked Organisms and their Habitats.