Christopher is a designer and researcher specializing in the development of research-driven products, tools, and science communication initiatives. He collaborates with organizations, companies, and universities to enhance understanding and action in urban climate adaptation, multispecies thinking, and innovative environmental stewardship.

  • No War on Plants

    No War on Plants

    Glyphosate is one of the most common herbicides used across the US and world, first developed by chemist Henry Martin in the 1950s for the company Cilag. It was not…

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  • Nomadic Field Station

    Nomadic Field Station

    A collaborative project with designers Janette Kim and Josh Draper to develop a Nomadic Field Station and Library prototype that can be deployed in dense urban areas . Re-imagining the…

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  • City Skins: A Survey of Transient Urban Surfaces

    City Skins: A Survey of Transient Urban Surfaces

    City Skins documents urban streetscapes and surfaces in transition, making visible alterations to human habitats and public spaces. The Survey includes photographic documentation, surface rubbings, and movement-research that document evidence…

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  • hiway/hiway


    hiway/hiway is a site-specific investigation of the Flushing Creek at the intersection of the Long Island and Van Wyck Expressway in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The project explores the value of…

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  • Perennials


    A series of sculptures and installation developed for the exhibition Perennials at the King Street Gallery, Montgomery College in Washington DC, curated by Suzy Kopf. Ruderal Street Bundles No. 1…

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  • Environmental Empathies

    Environmental Empathies

    A silkscreen poster designed in collaboration with Kimberly Reinhardt for the exhibition Environmental Empathies at the Callahan Center Art Gallery at St. Francis College. They Tried to Eradicate Us, They Didn’t Know…

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  • Department of Weedy Affairs

    Department of Weedy Affairs

    The Department of Weedy Affairs is an artwork and speculative proposition by the artist collective the Environmental Performance Agency (EPA) which imagines a governmental agency that is beyond human. Installed…

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  • Mycoramblings


    A collaboration with Ben KinselyUsing mushrooms as a material and metaphor, Myco-Ramblings explores the intersection of mycology, folk knowledge, and storytelling. We invited participants to join us on a ramble…

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  • OnBehalfOf.Life


    OnBehalfof.Life is a platform for submitting public comments on environmental justice issues to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of another species. It was developed by the Environmental Performance Agency in…

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  • Embodied Scientist Parkour

    Embodied Scientist Parkour

    Embodied Scientist Parkour is a training for interspecies communication and deepened relationships with the in-between landscapes of the Schuylkill River. Reimagining a conventional fitness course, the project invites participants to…

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  • Emergent Plantocene

    Emergent Plantocene

    Suit Up: Join the Emergent Plantocene Clean-Up A project and installation for the exhibition The Department of Human and Natural Services, curated by Mariel Villeré at NURTUREart. EPA Embodied Scientist…

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  • Fruiting Bodies

    Fruiting Bodies

    Fruiting Bodies is an experiment in fungal sociality, exploring the possibilities of mushroom cloning, remediation and social exchange through collaborative experience and community science. The project launched with a workshop…

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